Vegans Are Hypocrites!

When you go on the bus do you check oh This is leather I'm not going to sit in Or you just focus on the meat and that's That's it it's about being practical Right so about minimizing harm as much As possible and fashion and food and Three times a day we've got an Opportunity to do that with what we buy We know the ramifications of when we buy Meat Dairy eggs of fish so you've got The opportunity to vote for kind of World we want to live in do you want to Live in a world where we're Intentionally paying somebody to kill an Animal and cause environmental Devastation I don't want to be part of That so look at the evidence which shows That you know going plant-based is the Single biggest thing we can do for the Environment I look at the evidence that Shows the largest associations in the World say we don't need to eat animal Protein to survive or Thrive there are Plenty of athletes living a plant-based Lifestyle and I go Cool that I don't want to be part of That you know

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