The Mind Blowing Benefits of 4 Mushrooms | Dr. Eric Berg

The health benefits of certain mushrooms Are quite mind-blowing so today I’m Going to take some of the confusions That people have about mushrooms and Just make it really really simple so if You have a very specific health problem You’ll know exactly what to take now I’m Going to primarily focus on four Different types of mushrooms okay But they’re in the family of fungus okay Or fungi and fungi is very interesting Because there’s more related DNA wise to A fungus than there is to plants in Other words like plants have Photosynthesis so they actually breathe In CO2 and they make oxygen well Mushrooms which is a type of fungus Don’t do that they breathe in oxygen and Release CO2 very similar to humans they Actually share 50 of their DNA which Basically means they have certain Blueprints that make certain chemicals That we can use for the benefit of our Own health fungi is the largest and Oldest organism on planet Earth in fact In just one handful of soil from the Forest you have literally 26 miles Of a certain type of fungi called Mycelium so there is a tremendous amount Of fungus working in the soil with the Roots of plants exchanging different Nutrients to make sure that plant has The nutrients that it needs and getting Certain sugars from the plants as their

Food and so really it’s a fungus that Mobilize the minerals in the soil and so Without this fungus the plant really has A hard time getting nutrition fungus is Also responsible for breaking things Down like organic matter trees wood Leaves Etc so they are the great Recyclers but today we’re going to talk About four key mushrooms that you need To know about and I want to make it Really really simple for you the first One is the reishi mushroom okay this Mushroom could be thought of as a Natural Xanax now of course I’m not Promoting medication but this is the Natural version without the side effects And what does that medication do it’s Purported to help you with anxiety and Helping you calm down therefore it’s Also good for sleep if you want to Increase your tolerance to stress if you Want to counter stress and cortisol this Mushroom might be a good one to add to Your diet the next one is lion’s mane Okay Because it looks like a lion’s mane this One could be considered like a natural Adderall but without the side effects What is that drug well it’s used for People with cognitive problems attention Deficit issues a lot of college students Take it to increase their uh Their learning abilities because it kind Of speeds up the central nervous system

To a certain degree of course it has a Lot of side effects but lion’s mane is Specifically good for cognitive function Improving Focus concentration Memory a lot of people take it as a Coffee replacement in the morning but it Has some really interesting benefits in Repairing and regenerating nerve tissue In myelin sheath around the nerve it has Something called the neurotrophic factor Which just helps support nerve growth in General specifically in the area of the Brain called a hippocampus which is Involved with cognitive function to a Certain grade this mushroom also has Been known to increase something called Bdnf brain derived neurotrophic Factor That’s kind of like Miracle Grow but for Your brain so it helps the nerves grow So when you think about lion’s mane Think cognitive improvements and Anything related to a breakdown in your Brain like neurodegenerative conditions Like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s Dementia then we have the shiitake Mushroom that mushroom is good for blood Pressure it’s really beneficial for your Gut microbiome a good portion of our Immune system is in the gut and shiitake Mushroom can actually increase the Killer T cells which are responsible for Killing viruses and the last one which I Think is the most interesting is the Turkey tail mushroom this one has been

Researched the most when you think of Turkey tail you want to think of Anti-cancer properties but as far as Turkey tail goes I would recommend Anyone who has cancer to start taking it Immediately it has a non-specific immune Modulating action which basically Strengthen the immune system overall so If someone is on chemo or radiation Uh turkey tail is great to take against Cancer the white blood cells actually Eat certain compounds in this mushroom Like beta glucans and consume it carry It into the lymphatic system to help Cause the cancer cell to commit suicide That’s called apoptosis a normal cell Would basically kill itself as a kind of A greater good for the body but a cancer Cell basically lives forever now turkey Tail also reduces inflammation in your Gut which is also related to your immune System as well because if you think About cancer cancer tends to spread into Areas of inflammation all right so Rishi Is good as a natural Xanax for calming Down the flatter fight mechanism or Cortisol then we have lion’s mane which Is everything to do with cognitive Function helping you concentrate helping You focus and we have shiitake which is Three things cholesterol blood pressure And your immune system and then we have Turkey tail which it has a potent Anti-cancer effect all right so I hope I

Gave you some clarity on what these Mushrooms are good for and so the next Time you have a certain problem you’ll Know exactly what mushroom to take or Eat