Remarkable! This May Convince You To Eat More Beans & Grains!

Foreign [Music] Plant-based diets and in particular the Connection between diet and the Microbiome for quite some time now it Takes a lot for me to be amazed by Findings of a study or case report but This one is pretty astonishing before we Hear from Dr Greger I want to look at Something called butyrate you'll see the Relevance later on in the video butrate Is a short chain fatty acid made by the Good bacteria in our gut as a byproduct Of fiber digestion if we don't eat Enough fiber our levels of butyrate Become low and the body then produces an Inflammatory reaction this study found That butyrate helps keep colon cells Healthy prevents the growth of tumor Cells and encourages cancer cell Destruction in the colon it may also Help people with type 2 diabetes as Butyrate helps produce gut hormones that Regulate blood sugar levels and lower Insulin resistance butrade is also Showing great potential in improving Brain health studies have also shown That butyric may reduce the severity of Disease causing pathogenic bacterial Infection by lessening inflammation some Of the best foods to increase butyrate Production are chickpeas or really any Beans peas or lentils overnight cold Rolled oats oat and wheat bran apples

Soy garlic kiwis asparagus and broccoli Stems one of the worst diets when it Comes to Beta rate production is a low Carb high fat or high protein diet so Now let's here as Dr Greger talks about This amazing case report There was a remarkable case report Published called rapid Improvement of Alzheimer's disease symptoms following Fecal microbiota transplantation so the Usfda only lasts fecal transplants in Clinical medicine for the treatment of Recalcitrant infections with a bad bug Known as C diff but because of that There's been a lot of people that have Gotten fecal transplants and so what we See are these kind of serendipitous Improvements in these case reports so For example people who were bald Melissa Grew back here after fecal transplantal Improvements multiple sclerosis well the Dementia report involved an 82 year old Man with a five-year history of Gradually declining memory and cognition Is minimental state exam it was 20 out Of 30 that would be indicating a mild Cognitive impairment but two months After their fecal transplant from his Wife is uh core and a messy score uh Went to 26 which is a normal cognition By month six he was near perfect score Of 29 marked improvement in moons social Interaction and expressiveness it's a Case reports like those that make one

Interested in the field Um they want to start putting it to the Test is butery For example which is short chain fatty Acids which produced from the microbial Fermentation of fiber and resistive Storage we're talking whole grains Particularly whole intact grains and Legumes those are the two highest Constant sources of fiber they act as Prebiotics to create these microbial Byproducts like butyrate that then gets Absorbed from the colon into your Bloodstream circulate throughout your Body you know butyrate does improve the Memory function of rats and mice and Alzheimer's patients the microbiomes Have been found to have more Pro-inflammatory buds fewer butyrate Producing bugs and the reason that we Think this is not just a consequence of Poor diets among Alzheimer's patients Well they're just not eating enough Fiber no wonder they have bad boats Right because when you transplant stool From Alzheimer's patients into mice they Have a significant detriment in their Cognitive tasks compared to those fed Fecal samples from a non-devented Individual that suggests there's Something about the microbiome that has A causal influence arm cognitive Function there is actually a randomized Double-blind placebo-controlled trial of

Fecal transplants for Alzheimer's Disease currently underway and so stay Tuned Thank you so much for watching if you Liked the video please give it a thumbs Up leave a comment below and subscribe For more upcoming videos [Music] Foreign [Music]

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