Is Plant-Based Meat Healthy? All You Need to Know!

Oh couldn’t be more true I do remember Finishing up a lecture and then I felt My belly wipe my liver I was about to properly go off on Somebody but they’ll stale chicken Strips in the freezer they saved the day [Music] Hey beautiful people it’s Melissa from Choosing My Health today I’m sharing all About a very Hot Topic in the vegan Slash plant-based Community is vegan Meat healthy listen I’ve been asked About vegan meats many times and we’re Gonna go straight into the pros and cons So you can decide whether vegan meat Should or should not be a part of your Diet let’s go so in case your Plant-based diet beginner and you don’t Know what plant-based meat is Plant-based meat fake meat vegetarian Meat vegan meat whatever you want to Call it is a vegan slash vegetarian Friendly meat alternative to Meat and Fish made from Plants some of these Products mimic pour ham shrimp chicken Ground meat tuna and sometimes I might Even want to say a lot of the times People don’t even know the difference Pro number one is that they do have some Health benefits vegan meat is made with Plant-based ingredients and plant-based Ingredients as you know are a source of Vitamins and minerals and antioxidants Familiar you know something some of

These plant-based Meats may also be a Fantastic source of protein and are Generally low in calories compared to The real ones Additionally vegan meat alternatives are Free from hormones antibiotics and the Nitrates found in some animal proteins Elements which can increase the risk of Certain chronic diseases Pro number two Plant-based Meats help reduce the demand For animal agriculture which is one of The leading causes of water pollution And greenhouse gas emissions and that’s Gas that traps and holds heat in the Atmosphere and eventually leads to Global warming in fact plant-based meat Can emit up to 90 less greenhouse gas And conventional meat and this is Major Because reducing greenhouse gas Emissions can also cut down on outdoor Air pollution which in turn can save Those beautiful lives for generations to Come pro number three let’s be real who Doesn’t love the convenience of beyond Meat or an impossible Burger you can’t Deny that plant-based meat is quick and Easy to prepare requiring minimal Cooking time perfect for busy weeknights Like if you need to whip something up Real quick it’s really easy easy just go Into the freezer tear the package open And pop some vegan nuggets in the oven And you’re just good to go oh couldn’t Be more true I do remember finishing up

A lecture and then I felt my belly wipe My liver I was about to properly go off On somebody but they’ll stale chicken Strips in the freezer they saved the day Whether you prefer the Beyond Burger Morningstar sausages The Impossible Foods chicken nuggets you’re gonna be Covered and you can get the the meat in A bunch of different flavors which is a Plus for a lot of people plant-based Proteins can serve as a bridge to help You transition to a meatless diet and a Lot of people use it to replace meat Cravings with something non-animal based So they can be an aid of sorts as long As you don’t stay on the bridge like I Did okay those were my Pros here are my Cons Con number one all right let’s talk About these highly processed ingredients While there are benefits to eating Plant-based meat products okay AKA High-tech fake Meats for slim many of Them have been heavily processed in Manufacturing in order to make them look And taste as close as possible to their Real meat counterparts this includes Adding phosphates protein isolates Processed oils and other binders to Recreate you know that texture and Experience of eating animal meat I hate To tell you but some may argue that this Takes away some of the health benefits Associated with the plant-based Meats

Furthermore when you chemically extract Ingredients you miss out on the benefits From eating the entire food source Making it pretty far removed from the Whole Foods we really should be aiming For by the way if you find this video Helpful please smash the like button to Show some love thank you okay so some of These plant-based Meats have some Interesting ingredients you really Should Google let’s hit on some of the Common ones yeast extract yeast extract Many times contain means monosodium Glutamate MSG I know you’ve heard about That a neurotoxin that can mess with Your blood pressure it can give you Allergic reactions migraines a lot of Stuff cultured dextrose is used as a Preservative to keep food from molding And basically is sugar culture with Bacteria often linked to digestive Issues amongst other things modified Food starch is a starch derivative often Treated with potentially harmful Chemicals and has a high risk of Contamination and it may also contain MSG it can cause allergic reactions and Inflammation avoid it if you can methyl Cellulose is a chemical compound taken From vegetable cellulose that’s used to Add bulk to food rather than real Ingredients it can promote Gastrointestinal inflammation in fact Animal studies show a link between this

Additive and colorectal cancer natural Flavors are often lab synthesized flavor Enhancers and can be another hidden Source of MSG in addition get this Vegans may unknowingly be eating animal Drive natural flavors for instance Castorium which is used to replace Vanilla is really a substance from the Anal secretion of beavers highly Unsettling I didn’t know that Let’s talk about the sodium many Plant-based Meats contain high levels of Sodium compared to real meat one veggie Burger can have up to 700 milligrams of Sodium that’s not counting the bread the Ketchup and the relish and all the other Sodium in the ingredients you’re about To eat along with the burger the American Heart Association recommends no More than 2 300 milligrams a day of Sodium and moving toward an ideal image Of no more than a thousand five hundred Milligrams so if you’re eating veggie Meat multiple times a day like I was at One point you’re most likely going Beyond your limit which is dangerous and If you’re consuming too much sodium you Run the risk of high blood pressure Heart disease and stroke true story I Went to school with someone who like me Was eating tons of vegemine on the Regular and one day while doing her Regular duties she noticed that one side Of her face began to droop so of course

She sought medical tension right away And when she spoke to the doctor about Her diet he shared that he’s observed a Similar situation with other people and That it could be a result of the Enormously high sodium levels in her Diet now you think I would have stopped Binging on veggie meat after she shared That right but I didn’t and it did catch Up to me and if you want to know more About that you can watch my before and After vegan transformation Health story And get all the deets some store-bought Vegan meats may contain potential Allergens like weed or soy proteins Which may not seem like a big deal right But if these are things that cause you To develop allergic reactions you need To stay away honey always be sure to Check the labels carefully While most Vegan meats provide satisfactory amounts Of protein per serving size they often Lack essential vitamins and minerals Compared to Whole Food protein choices Like lentils or beans so veggie meat is Replacing your animal based protein Options be sure that you’re actually Getting enough you know protein from Them and nutrients and that you’re not Undoing your quest for a healthier Lifestyle you hear me a meatless diet is Not necessarily a healthy one so a lot Of people out here trying to lose weight With these plant-based beets but some

Can have just as much saturated fat as Their meat counterparts so if that’s you Be aware that plant-based Meats don’t Always equal saturated fat free meat if That’s what you’re going to for Okay so if plant-based meat is a staple In your diet you’re probably asking Yourself What will I eat instead I make a main Quinoa salad which is really high in Protein and I love very much don’t sleep On the whole food plant-based protein Options that not only deliver your Protein needs and that also provide all Of your amino acids but then you can Season just like meat and thoroughly Enjoy them these include tofu seitan Tempeh lentils beans and then you got Things like Jackfruit and mushrooms Heart of palm that may not be high in Protein but can taste and look very much Like the real deal do you have a Favorite Whole Food plant-based meat Alternative let me know in the comments And there are a ton of whole food Combinations you can use to create Amazing vegan meat recipes for instance I grounded walnuts to make this Delicious ground Walnut meat that looks Like ground beef that I love to use on Spaghetti and burrito size 11 if you’re Going to eat plant-based Meats do read The ingredients okay look out for the Sodium level levels look out for the

Hard to pronounce additives and look out For the allergens ideally I’d rely on Whole Food plant-based protein options But if you’re transitioning and really Need the help to pull you through make Veggie me an occasional item choosing The healthiest options you can find like I always tell y’all just because it says Plant-based or vegan doesn’t mean it’s Healthy so read them labels and do the Best you can on your journey need some Inspiration click or tap right here to Discover some deliciously Jewel worthy Recipes please subscribe and hit the Bell if you haven’t yet and thanks so Much for hanging out with me today I Love y’all and I’ll see you in the next One Foreign [Music]

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