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Do you struggle with food addiction well You're certainly not alone there's a Growing number of people identify as Having food addiction and it's noted to Be up to sort of 20 percent of adults Who can meet the criteria for food Addiction even though it's not a Officially recognized diagnosis it's Becoming much more prevalent and Accepted within the medical community But there's hope so a new study Published in Frontiers in Psychiatry From three different groups in the United States and the UK and in Sweden Observing their programs and Reporting On their beneficial data showed that There is hope so let's get into the Details and talk about what you can do If you suffer from food addiction Foreign ER the medical director at and I want to highlight This study called low carbohydrate and Psycho-educational programs show promise For the treatment of ultra processed Food addiction published in Frontiers And Psychiatry and it was Um put together by Jen Unwin by Clarissa Kennedy by David Wilson and others again From three different clinics in the UK In Sweden and in the United States and What they do is each program has a whole Foods low carbohydrate based approach With coaching and counseling it's a 10

To 14 week program and it's for people Who meet criteria of food addiction and There really is an absence of published Studies looking at programs like this And Publishing their data so it's kind Of unknown do they really work and based On this study it seems like they do now Is it the counseling is it the group Support sure that's part of it is it the Low carb diet yeah that's probably part Part of it too so it's the combination It doesn't answer whether each one will Work on their own but certainly the Combination works and it suggests that It's worth trying even if you don't have Access to the to the group support maybe It's worth trying a low carb diet so Let's talk about the study a little bit So like I mentioned they had weekly Sessions for 10 to 14 weeks followed by Monthly support they measured Um different criteria different Questionnaires for sort of quality of Life and for food addiction scores and What they found was there was a Significant reduction in food addiction Symptoms there was a deduction What's Called the craved score which is Symptoms of food related substance use Disorder body weight reduced and mental Well-being improved and this is Important I mean we hear so much about About mental health and how people are Are kind of struggling with with a

Decline in mental health and mental Well-being and even if it's short of a Diagnosis of of depression or other Mental Health Disorders Um mental well-being has certainly Declined as far as we can measure but This is something that improves mental Well-being so not only does food Addiction improve mental well-being Improves and to be honest it didn't take Much right it was it was a whole foods Low carbohydrate diet uh with some Social support and I don't mean to Belittle it or make it seem simple Because you know they were the support Was run by professionals but it shows That it doesn't take much that you can Just follow a low carbohydrate diet join A support group and chances are that is Going to help now for your best chance You you join a professional group like This but maybe even short of that that To access it for the the millions of People who struggle with food addiction Maybe just joining a local support group And following a low carb diet is enough I certainly think personally I think It's worth a try like why wouldn't you Try that especially when we start to see Data like this that improves food Addiction scores and improves mental Well-being and quality of life so this Was just a short video to sort of

Highlight this study it's Unique in the Field and something that is going to be On the horizon as we hear more and more About Nutritional Lifestyle Interventions for food addiction and if You want another more detailed video About this please check out this podcast I did with Dr Vera Tarman about food Addiction all right thanks ever thanks a Lot everybody and we'll see you here Next time on diet doctor news on YouTube

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