Fight Cancer, COVID, Stress & More! 5 Mind-Blowing Mushroom Benefits!

Hello and welcome i’m annette reader From and today It’s another grocery discovery today We’re looking at a food in the produce Aisle that’s not uncommon but sometimes Can be a little foreign and it has five Amazing benefits for you number one is Cancer prevention or it can improve Cancer treatments number two it helps to Rebuild the gut microbiome number three It helps to connect the texting between Your gut and your brain to help you with Less stress All right three is enough right but Let’s look at number four number four it Helps to overcome the lingering covet Issues that people are dealing with We’re realizing that actually between 30 To 50 percent of people who had coveted Are having these lingering symptoms and It might even be more than 50 because The ink isn’t dry on writing this whole Research on coping and then the last one Is it helps to boost Immunity that’s five amazing reasons why We need to look at this food and add it To our diet you know at least couple Times a week maybe every day it is just A power food that we need to look at so Let’s go inside [Music] But before we do if you like what you’re Seeing here on facebook or youtube or

The other channels that we’re promoting On please hit the like the subscribe and The bell the bell helps you get notified Every time we post new videos and i am Always here to share with you god’s Recipe for excellent health which Includes number one ingredient Is that god loves you the number one Ingredient in his recipe is that god Loves you with an amazing love now let’s Go check out this food Well here we are the food today is Mushrooms and yes mushrooms have been a Staple in the diet for thousands of Years yet many people didn’t realize the Health benefit so today we’re going to Look at why mushrooms are so beneficial How we can stir them up real quickly for A quick dish and number three how to Store them do we keep them in this Plastic container or should we do Something different if we want to keep Them Not getting all slimy before their time So let’s look at these three things but First most importantly why are they so Nutritious so as we look at these Different mushrooms on this shelf and in Different grocery stores you’re going to See a more variety yet it’s all going to Come down to just the whole button Mushrooms the portabella mushrooms the Shiitake and the maitake these are all Really good choices and so also realize

What is important about this is they Have polysaccharides and then the Polysaccharides is something called beta Glucan That beta glucan is a soluble fiber so Wow fiber you know i love fiber So just looking at this label you can See we have two grams of fiber and we Have three grams of protein and so this Is a perfect entree for your meal now Some people are like well i need 17 Grams of protein in every meal well not Necessarily because mushrooms are an Excellent protein in the way that your Body is able to utilize it because it’s Very usable protein for your body but That’s not the most important point of These mushrooms The most imp uh oh i’m being upstaged Again by the van of course the most Important part of these mushrooms is the Soluble fiber the soluble fiber has beta Glucan beta glucan is being studied in These white mushrooms in the porcini Mushrooms and in the portobello several Of these mushrooms are extensively Studied because they have anti-cancer Properties in fact they’re even using Some of these beta glucans from Mushrooms it can also be from yeast or Grain into cancer treatments in fact if You watched my last cancer video on Seven ways that she overcame cancer one Of them was beta glucans and it can be

From mushrooms but it can also be from Yeast in fact yeast Use beta glucans is actually more Powerful in cancer treatments so check That out so when we eat these mushrooms Whether they’re fresh whether they are Sauteed whether they’re on your pizza Whether they’re on your salad your body Is going to have a boost in immune System functioning it’s going to improve Your t cells and your b cells when you Do that you create an ability to protect Your cells protect your body and then if Something gets in it destroys it and Then once it destroys it it cleans it up So we protect we destroy and we clean up So when you’re choosing different Mushrooms go ahead they’re all going to Have benefits yet Don’t cut off the stem the stem is Actually double dose on the beta glucan But besides the beta glucan you’re Getting other vitamins and minerals and B vitamins so mushrooms are actually an Anti-stress Food Okay now that settles it for everyone to Get mushrooms into their diet so Anti-stress anti-viral antibacterial Anti-cancer Okay That settles it they are they go into The cells they’re adaptogenic so they’re Going to help the cells do what they

Need to do So remember this foods don’t heal Medicines don’t heal the only healing Power comes from god yet god gives us Delicious nutritious health-building Foods so ourselves know what to do so It’s god who heals and he gives us food To do the work So it’s an incredible story and i really Want you to get some mushrooms into your Diet today so let’s go to the kitchen And look at how we can do a quick stir Fry and really make this a delicious Compliment to any meal Now i have two packages of mushrooms Here now remember what i said the stem Is actually double the beta glucan than Just the caps most people just eat the Caps and throw the stems away no never Do that again now that i’ve learned that How to store mushrooms at home so we Would go ahead and just put them in a Brown paper bag And then leave the bag open I mean this is a really big bag that i Could just fold it back and just leave It open in the refrigerator Like that Hopefully you have maybe those sandwich Bags i couldn’t find any in my supply So i’m just using this whole foods Grocery bag so just putting them in There that way they’re not going to get Slimy when you’re ready to use them you

Can go ahead and rinse them pull them Out of the brown paper bag leave the bag Open and they’re going to store for a Long time i totally love mushrooms and i Love them just sauteed and just an Amazing flavor yet there’s a good way to Do this and then there’s a boring way to Do this So the good way is to really get the Intense flavor from the mushrooms so all We’re going to use is maybe about Tablespoon tablespoon and a half of some Oil it could be an avocado oil or an Olive oil we’re going to let that heat Just a little bit and then we’re going To cook our mushrooms Now some of these are just really big Mushrooms so i’m going to make three Slices out of them if you have the small Button mushrooms the white brush button Mushrooms then you can just cut them in Half and they will be perfectly fine What we want is to release the water out Of the mushroom And then we will get that flavor that we Are looking for that intense just really Good Nutty earthy flavor I do have a recipe in my cookbook for Stuffed mushrooms but that would be just The cap it would be that part and just Stuff in that with some really good Cheese mixes maybe even some nutritional Yeast for the cheese effect and some

Vegetables and just bake that oh yum yum Yum so i did that just as an example You can also but i don’t want to leave Out my stem now that we know how healthy That is you could also pop off the top And you could just cook it like this and Just press on it and this could be a Mini pizza you have little pizza slices And just once it’s nicely cooked just Top it with some cheese or some Vegetables and serve it to your kids And that would be delicious We don’t have to always rely on what we Used to eat there are so many good foods Out there that we can enjoy When we just get a little bit more Creative [Applause] All right so We have the oil but now we have the Water from the mushrooms you can just Hear that water popping Releasing out of the mushrooms and That’s going to let us cook this down Into the most Delicious Flavor from those mushrooms As you notice the mushrooms are starting To turn brown as they release their Water they’re going to turn brown so Even a white button mushroom when you Cook it is going to turn brown as it Releases the water Now this is where i normally stop and i

Just go ahead and take them off and just Go ahead and eat them like this but when We cook them even longer then flavor Will get more intense And be a better Delight when you see all of this juice Popping up here Coming off the mushrooms you know you Are getting to a more intense flavor so You definitely want to get past this Phase and then we want to cook it down Until almost all of that juice has been Reduced And the flavor is intensified in the Mushrooms And we haven’t salted it yet or added Any pepper we’re truly just working with The mushrooms Well now the juice is pretty much cooked Away so we’re going to go ahead and add Some cracked pepper Because pepper you want to add at the End because it can cause burning And then we want to add just a little Bit of salt There we go now these mushrooms are Ready to be served on anything your Heart desires So just serve this on a platter i made Some Homemade grits for some guests i had Recently this would be so perfect on top Of some homemade freshly stoned ground Grits you could also serve this on rice

On vegetables even on a salad in place Of a salad dressing This is the perfect protein you could Top it with a little bit of goat cheese Or a little bit of feta cheese oh wow Doesn’t don’t you just love that steamy Effect these are these look so good Well there we have it for the mushrooms And it’s always man who tries to Classify classify identify and put into Groups but we’re not to be put into Groups and neither is food so food is Nutritious and delicious the only group That we need to understand is did god Make it and yes god made mushrooms for Us to enjoy yes they are a fungi but It’s not a harmful fungi it’s not mold And it’s not going to cause harm it’s a Food that god created for our good for Us to use for medicinal benefits and Totally for our enjoyment so enjoy this Fungus today and See your body to be transformed and to Start feeling better if you need a more Concentrated type of beta glucan then You need to go to a supplemental form so Eating mushrooms every day is not going To be enough if you’re in the throes of Cancer you need to talk to your doctor About getting some beta-glucan Supplements it doesn’t have to be a Prescription you can do that on your own But just talk to your doctor and work With them always and be upfront with

Them with what you’re doing and how You’re trying to be as proactive as Possible and protect your healthy cells So thanks for letting me share this with You today it is so important that you Understand that i am here for you Because you matter and you matter to me Because you matter to god first and he Loves you with an amazing love and Everlasting love and i just want to Teach you about the good foods and the Nutritional value so that you can just Sit down to the table and just love what You are serving your family thanks for Watching and be sure and hit like Subscribe i look forward to hearing About your comments and until next time Remember god loves you [Music] You