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Foreign Doctor news on YouTube now this is sort Of a special episode to kind of give a Recap of what we've been doing here at Diet Doctor news on YouTube it started As a project December of 2019 and we've Recorded and produced 282 videos with The goal being to sort of help you Understand that the science of health And nutrition present things in sort of A broader context and help explain them More deeply than just what you get It's such a muddy water out there There's so much confusion about health Information especially about nutrition Information so much you know bias and Confirmation bias and people reporting Whatever fits their narrative in today's Nutrition environment that is just full Of ultra processed junk food and full of Conflicting messages there's no wonder Why the Obesity rates and metabolic Health dysfunction rates are just Skyrocketing in America and across the World so we need a place to turn to to Try and cut through that to help us Better understand and that's what we Tried to do here at die doctor news on YouTube Of course that's subject to our own bias But I hope I've done a job to at least Help present different viewpoints than Maybe what you're getting Um in the mainstream media and also more

Importantly to help you better Understand how to interpret this Information so we're not at the whim of The catchy headlines and the mainstream Media now why am I talking about all This well because I think it's helpful To go back and reflect on what we've Tried to accomplish and hopefully what We have accomplished over the past few Years in the 282 videos some of the big Topics we focused on have been red meat Right is red meat as dangerous as Everybody says well hopefully in all These videos you've done you've seen That the the risk of red meat is Actually very poorly defined especially For people following an otherwise Healthy diet and taking care of Themselves especially within the low Carb diet we focus on low carbon keto Diets a lot because there's so much Misinformation about that and there's so Much strength of evidence about weight Loss about type 2 diabetes management And blood sugar control and pre-diabetes And even mental health and possible Neurology project changes and we want to Be very open about what the evidence Shows where it's strongest like in Weight loss and type 2 diabetes and Where it's emerging like in mental Health and neurologic conditions and PCOS and other places now is it the only Diet to accomplish all those things and

To help with those things no of course Not but it needs to be talked about as a Potential example as a potential option Because there is such good science Supporting it but what about the details Of the science how long does it last What's the adherence like right those Are a lot of the details that we've gone Into in these videos and then what about Some of these trials that are you know In metabolic words lasting for two weeks Whether they're looking for a metabolic Advantage that may or may not exist with Ketogenic diets or whether they're Looking at ketogenic diets versus Plant-based diets and what I really Tried to bring to your attention is two Weeks is just wholly inadequate to make That sort of an assessment you know it Can be interesting but what it what it Should be doing is informing how to Structure longer trials because I don't Care what happens in two weeks I care What happens in two months or two years Right so that's a big point I tried to Make time and time again another big Topic has been low carb diets and Cardiovascular risk we hear so many Things about low carb diets you know Increased risk of death increased risk Of heart disease but it's poorly defined Low carb diets and poorly defined Increased risk whereas if you look at Surrogate outcomes from a lot of some of

The virta health trials and other trials With a properly designed low-carb keto Diets the calculated cardiovascular risk Actually goes down so that's a big point I tried to make time and time again also What's the best treatment for type 2 Diabetes Well I think we've seen that Ketogenic diets probably have the best Glycemic control of any diet so the Question is how to fit in your lifestyle How to make it work how to do it safely Long term and that's where companies Like virta Health have really helped and How our content at diet doctor has Really helped guide people what about Dietary adherence that's a big thing Right so for those who are having Trouble adhering to a low carb or keto Diet that's where sort of this higher Satiety Focus can come in really help People and then we also talked about Time restricted eating and intermittent Fasting which really has kind of gone Through an evolution right it was Hot Topic everybody should do it and then Sort of became a little bit more nuanced Well you have to be careful about you Know increasing your calories actually And increasing your cravings and binge Eating and making sure you're getting Enough protein but within that context Time restricted dating can certainly be Helpful for the right person so Hopefully our news stories have sort of

Helped you through that Evolution at Least the scientific evolution of time Restricted eating so like I said I hope These videos have served the purpose to Educate you about those topics and teach You how to sort of better interpret the Headlines around those topics now I also Am excited to announce that I'm Transitioning to a new initiative called Metabolic mind and you can find us at Metabolicmind.org or metabolic mind Channel on YouTube now at the time of This recording we don't know much there Because I'm just getting started and the The push is going to be to focus on the Intersection of metabolic health and Mental health and how they are very Related and how metabolic therapies such As ketogenic diets and other metabolic Therapies can help with mental health we Want to talk about the research we want To talk about the personal stories and Clinical experience and help people Understand how metabolic therapies can Help with mental therapies where the Evidence stands and how to sort of help People through this process so I guess That wraps up the the diet doctor news Here I'm excited for that initiative but I'm equally as excited to remain at diet Doctor as being a member of the board of Advisors to to Really you know help Diet Doctor which I'm excited about their Their future Mission as we're

Transitioning to higher satiety eating You know an eating pattern that can work With any diet you know whether it's keto Low carb plant-based Mediterranean Carnivore or whatever the case may be Focusing in on higher satiety eating can Be a key that can really help people With long-term adherence to their Nutritional program and therefore Improving their metabolic Health long Term so I'm really excited to continue With diet doctor as a member of their Board of advisors as we go through this Exciting New Journey as I said I hope we Served as a scientifically based Reasonable and practical voice to help You better interpret all this confusing Science all this confusing discussion Around nutrition and not just teaching You about the individual studies and the Individual topics but helping you see How to better interpret things for the Future so thank you so much for your Attention thank you so much for being Part of the diet doctor news on YouTube Journey and I look forward to seeing you Again maybe it's a different role maybe I'll be back as a guest on these videos In the future so take care everybody Take care of yourself take care of Others and be good bye Foreign

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