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Can improving the health of our soil improve our health as people? David Montgomery, PhD, Anne Biklé, and Stephan Van Vliet, PhD, think that it might. Dr. Van Vliet’s research has shown that growing food and raising cattle in different environments significantly alters the nutrient composition.

And Dr. Montgomery and Anne wrote a book detailing how soil health can connect to human health. While the connection may not have firm scientific backing yet, it is a fascinating and important discussion as we consider the future of agriculture and farming.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
1:56 The connection among soil, plants, and human health
8:23 Nutrient deficiency in modern “health” foods
18:40 About synthetic inputs, cost and production
22:28 The level of evidence needed for regenerative agriculture
30:02 A paradigm shift in feeding the world
39:23 Stephan Van Vilet, PhD
41:09 Stephan’s paper on animal-based phytonutrients
51:14 Animal vs plant-based phytonutrients
1:04:50 Findings from one of Stephan’s recent papers
1:09:57 About the nutritional content in plant-based protein

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