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The Dietary Guidelines for Americans influence the food we eat, yet they aren’t based on high-quality science. That’s why cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, and pizza are “approved” foods in our schools and on our military bases.

Nina Teicholz, award-winning journalist and founder of The Nutrition Coalition, aims to change that. Through her advocacy work and investigative writing, she promotes the need for applying more rigorous science to the guidelines process.

While many challenges remain, Nina helps us identify the changes that need to be made and what we can do to enact them.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
1:24 The current state of the US Dietary Guideline
8:44 Who’s responsible for this recommendation?
13:58 USDA ignoring the science on low carb diets
20:34 The White House conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health
27:36 USDA doesn’t acknowledge individualized diet interventions
34:25 The disclosure of conflict of interest for the guideline committee
39:28 Could we have an independent nutrition guideline free from conflicts of interest?
42:19 Contradictions of science and recommendations from the guideline
47:46 An opportunity to push the movement further
52:25 Final thoughts

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